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Game 117 Open Thread: 15 August, 2007



2-2, 4.50

4-2, 4.20

I looked up these guys' historical stats against the opposing teams, but there is essentially no record on either side, beyond Kevin Mench hitting with a .800 OPS against Joel Piñeiro. So, on this ides of August, the smart team will be taking pitches and trying to get a read on the opposing pitcher.

A win today obviously puts the Cardinals three and a half games out of first place and three wins below .500. The Cubbies are throwing Lilly against the Reds at Wrigley today. At the minimum, I'm really enjoying the fact that the Central race is tightening this much.

And here are your lineups, per Bernie:

Eck SS Gross RF
Phoenix RF Hardy SS
Albert 1B Prince 1B
Jimmy E CF Braun 3B
Scottie 3B Jenkins LF
Dunc LF Estrada C
Yadi C Hall CF
Piñeiro P Counsell 2B
Ryan 2B Gallardo P