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Game 103 Open Thread: August 1st, 2007


Armas, Jr.

8-8, 4.85

0-3, 6.93

Now here's a pitcher that the Cardinals should be able to hit--Armas's WHIP as of today: 1.72. If you look at the guys who have really hit him well in the past are Jim Edmonds (three for nine with two home runs), Albert Pujols (four for eleven with a triple), and Scott Rolen (five for twenty one with three homers). Yadi and Bennett are a combined zero for fourteen against Armas, so don't expect much out of the catcher's spot today.

As for Looper, let's see if he can build off of his strong start against the Cubbies. None of them have double digit at bats against him, and the he's shut down all of them except for Chris Duffy (1.069 OPS), and José Bautista (one HR in six AB). Of course, he was probably a reliever for most of those AB, so take that with a grain of salt. Let's see if the Cards can get a real winning streak going!