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Game 85 Open Thread: July 8, 2007

baked zito


6-8, 4.65

2-2, 6.37


Thankfully, the Cardinals didn't spend $126 million on the guy starting for the Giants today. Yikes. And when will they get rid of that hideous blue background behind Wellemeyer?

According to the PECOTA version of the postseason odds at Baseball Prospectus, the Cards have less then a 2% shot at making the playoffs. While the recent mini-revival has been fun, the Brewers still look like the team to beat. Unless they suffer a pretty drastic meltdown, they should walk away with this division rather handily. Going back to BP's postseason odds, the Brew Crew has an 85% chance of doing just that. You and I may not like to hear it, and obviously computers don't hand out pennants, but the odds are pretty well stacked against the Card's favor. If things are still where they are at in the next few weeks, it's time to fold. Just for the sake speculation, here's a few goofy trade ideas I'd like to float:

  • Try to trade Juan Encarnacion to the Marlins. Just weeks ago, the Fish were trying to reel in Jacque Jones from the Cubs only to watch Selig put the kabosh on the deal due to the ownership situation in Chicago. The Marlins are already familiar with JuanCar and he has to be an upgrade over Alfredo Amezaga. While he's certainly been clutch this year, the Cards should try and loose themselves from as much of that $6.5 mil owed on his contract for '08 as possible.
  • Trade David Eckstein to the Cubs. The Cubs have received a total of 2 win shares out of the Cesar Izturis/Ryan Theriot duo at short. However, they also have Ronny Cedeno suddenly remembering how to hit in AAA, so they may not see the need but I wouldn't put anything past Jim Hendry. As much is it would pain me to see the World Series MVP in Cubbie blue, I just don't see a reason to bring him back next year. I'd sooner see Brendan Ryan get the opportunity and get a half decent prospect out of the deal.
  • Trade Jason Isringhausen the Phillies. Izzy turns 35 this September and you wonder how long his reconstructed hip will hold up. He's certainly been one of the best stories of the season but he also should hold the most potential trade value. The Phillies are in well in the race in the NL East but are trusting Antonio Alfonseca to be their closer. Yeesh. It may be smarter to hold on to Izzy and pick up his option for '08, when the team should have a better shot at contending assuming Carpenter and Mulder will be healthy.

OK, so that probably was an exercise in futility. Jocketty has openly stated the Cards will be buyers, not a sellers come the deadline. But with all the rumors we're hearing about his departure and given the fact that the team may be too far out by the time the next three weeks transpire, a change in the usual strategy could be in order.

Oh, and for Aaron can't possibly have a worse game then that, while his mistakes in the field are pretty defenseless, you can't help but to feel bad for the guy. They really need to put Ryan at short and Kennedy on the bench.

Don't forget, the Futures Game is on at 3. As most of you know, Colby Rasmus and Bryan Anderson will be involved. I believe the broadcast is free, not sure where. If you know, drop it in the comments.

Update [2007-7-8 15:58:30 by erik]: Just in case anyone is interested, I have a game thread over at future redbirds for the futures game.