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Game 82 Open Thread: July 5, 2007



5-9, 4.29

6-7, 4.81


i think i remember erik telling me that he's busy this afternoon / evening and won't be able to post a game thread ---- so here's a bare-bones version, with lineups. la russa has finally come to his senses and is playing miles and ryan at their natural positions, rather than nonsensically playing miles at short and ryan at second (as he has done half a dozen times this year . . . . ) half of the position players in that lineup have on-base pcts of .303 or lower; tonight's bench includes adam kennedy (obp .281), skip schumaker (.277), and gary bennett (.266). yet somehow this team ranks 10th in the league in overall on-base pct, with a team mark of .326 --- which is 9 points better than the team they're playing this evening.

hey erik --- if'n i'm wrong and you're working up an afternoon post for the game thread, just replace this one.

young cf taguchi cf
hudson 2b ludwick lf
byrnes lf pujols 1b
jackson 1b encarnacion rf
drew ss rolen 3b
reynolds 3b miles 2b
montero c molina c
quentin rf ryan ss
davis p wainwright p