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Game Eighty One Open Thread: July 4, 2007



5-5, 4.58

6-3, 4.88


I'm on my way to a 4th of July BBQ, so I'm putting up this thread early. It looks like there's going to be yet more rain tonight over the old Lou anyway. Hopefully, they can still get the game in. As far as this afternoon, here are some players to watch out for against Livan:
  • Juan Encarnación: He has historically hit Hernandez pretty well: .385/.412/.735 with 3 HR in 20 AB. Perhaps he gets a chance at redemption from yesterday's game
  • Albert Pujols: He seems to have pretty much mimiced the new-style Albert over his career against Hernandez: .308/.400/.423. Albert's season line: .316/.419/.536. Look for him to hit some singles and take a walk, but not to slaughter the ball.
As far as Dbax hitters against Thompson, noone has more than 2 AB against him, and only Carlos Quentin has a hit off of him. So at least he's got the element of surprise. Of course, they have certainly seen their share of sinkerballs watching every single Brandon Webb start.

Let's hope that the team isn't nice and shell-shocked after yesterday. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some sort of psychological thing going on with the team when the starter allows a bunch of runs in the first inning. It seems like every game I've watched this year where one of our beasts coughs up five runs in the first ends in the offense just giving up completely. Let's hope that WonderBrad comes out there dealing, and we don't have to wonder whether or not that theory is actually valid.

Anyway, here's to them getting this game in. It would be nice to see them get a series win before the all-star break, especially against a contending team.