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Game 100 Open Thread: July 28, 2007



0-0, 3.86

6-4, 4.93

with rick hummel set to enter the hall of fame tomorrow, i thought i'd pimp my interview with the commish, posted back in january. congrats and salutations, sir, on a well-earned honor.

here's a major complaint about busch iii: the egress from the box seats is completely dysfunctional. there's only one exit portal per every 6 sections or so, which means that when it starts raining (as it did with two outs in the top of the 3d last night) you've got thousands of people trying to squeeze out to the concourse through one access point. extraordinarily slow and inefficient --- not to mention unsafe. suppose they needed to evacuate that place in an emergency? as we stood there getting soaked, bottlenecked in the aisle behind hundreds of our fellow patrons in a slow-motion exodus, my dad and i wondered how the fire marshall ever signed off on this design, which flat-out doesn't work. at every other stadium i've ever been to, every aisle in the box seats leads straight to the concourse --- no lines, no waiting. the circulation in the busch iii boxes is so nonsensical, you'd think it was designed by the same guys who constructed the roster.

[cue rim shot] . . . . .

we departed after the 7th inning, in full knowledge that we were sparing ourselves the spectre of taguchi at 2d base. we didn't figure on kennedy at short, though; we thought he would move over to 3d and miles would play ss. but as usual, tony was a step ahead of dad and me; that @#$%#$@# genius. his cleverest move of the night was allowing maroth to bat for himself in the 4th inning with two outs and a man in scoring position with the cardinals trailing 6-1; maroth popped out, then returned to the mound to face just one more hitter . . . . . tony fooled dad and me on that one, too.

trade "news": neither izzy nor springer is likely to be moved, per this morning's post-dispatch. that leaves troy percival as the best cardinal relief pitcher on the market --- line forms to the left.

today is my last at the SABR conference; it will wrap up tomorrow, but i'll be on my way back to denver by then. i'll have a new thread up later today for the night game. (and yes, day-night doubleheaders suck. those of you too young to remember the old-fashioned doubleheader, two games back-to-back . . . . sorry you missed out. those were fun.)