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Game 98 Open Thread: July 26, 2007



7-5, 3.92

7-8, 5.09

best SABR presentation i have attended so far on day 1 --- hands down, george michael's riff on identifying old baseball photographs. michael, who used to host the old "sports machine" show, grew up selling scorecards at sportsman's park and is spending his golden years honing has tremendous sleuthing skills. show him an old newspaper photo and he'll figure out the year, date, inning --- even, in many cases, the name of the umpire. might take him 10 years to nail it all down, but he always seems to get there eventually. he had one picture of ty cobb spiking a st louis browns catcher in the crotch; it happened one afternoon in 1913, and michael had the day, the inning, the name of the catcher, and the umpire. it was an attempted steal of home; the ball beat cobb to the plate, but he was safe anyway . . . . .

michael's always working on a number of unsolved mysteries and always looking for new ones. if you have a stash of old baseball pics (or even just one or two), boxes of old newspaper clippings, whatever --- e-mail him at

Update [2007-7-26 17:57:25 by lboros]: panel discussion of former stl cardinal players was pretty disappointing. not a very illustrious group of players to begin with --- al hrabosky, rick horton, george altman, and ted savage. in responding to a question from the audience, altman and savage both claimed to have had some success vs sandy koufax; yeah, right. sean forman, the proprietor of Baseball Reference, was conduciting a demo in the ballroom next door, so i went over there and asked him to look up altman and savage’s stats vs koufax; as i suspected, neither one fared particularly well vs koufax. savage hit .240 with a homer. altman hit ..192 against him (5 for 26).

i admit it; i’m a jerk.

hrabosky thinks today’s players are soft and don’t train properly (they’d rather lift weights than swing a bat or throw a baseball); he also still thinks that vern rapp was a bad person, even after all these years.