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Game 79 Open Thread: July 2, 2007 7:10 CDT



8-5, 3.05

6-6, 4.66


Reyes back down to Memphis per Bernie on the radio. Blah blah blah. It's the same bulls**t that we've been hearing for the whole season. Whatever side of the Reyes debate you're on, this is without a doubt the proper way to mess up a pitching prospect. Let's make a list: 1) back and forth on the minor-major shuttle 2) attempt to change repetoire during transition 3) don't throw them on a regular 5 day pitching schedule. Hardcore and I hashed out the details in the morning thread...this is probably the 3rd or 4th time we've (good-naturedly) locked claws over it and I doubt many opinions were changed. Don't expect to see Reyes until September barring injuries to the rotation. Apparently Tony never wanted to bring Reyes up earlier in the season (that is verbatim from Bernie on the radio show). Reyes has gone from being the consensus top prospect in our system characterized as having front of the roation makeup to a pitcher struggling to hang on to a rotation spot. I can only imagine what he feels like right now.

In other news, Eck is to be evaluated by Paletta tonight and may not be back till post All Star Break (per Bernie on 1380). If that's the case, can we stop this bizarro world game of playing Miles at SS and Brendan Ryan at 2B -- it's laughable.

I've got up a little tidbit on Mark Buerhle over at Future Redbirds (my regular stomping grounds with erik). Given what has been said in the Chicago media, I think the package I've proposed would work but could definitely be outbid by several other teams depending on their level of interest in Buerhle.

I'll be MIA for tonights' game. But I gotta say I have an unpleasant feeling about Looper coming off the DL to lock horns with Webb, who has been exceptional outside Arizona's ballpark. Arizona is playing .544 baseball currently and the Cardinals...well the Cardinals aren't. I hate to be Debbie Downer but I hope Looper's got the stuff we saw in his early starts and not the later ones.

Drink a cold one for me tonight folks -- I'm off to 6 hours of class. Go Redbirds!

(And thanks to Larry for the privilege of contributing to a first class blog which of course consists of a first class community. I enjoyed this little blogging escapade -- hopefully, y'all did too.)