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Game 92 Open Thread: July 19, 2007



5-4, 5.06

9-5, 3.35


our friends at Metsblog noted a gross oversight on the part of an organization called the American Mustache Institute: keith hernandez was left off the list of nominees for "greatest sports mustache of all time." the result: a write-in campaign on behalf of mex's 'stache. it's got traction, too; the institute wrote Metsblog back and said the votes are piling up. shades of hernandez's improbable rise to the pros; he was drafted in the 42nd round of the 1971 draft, hence not a real candidate to play big-league ball. he bucked the odds then; he can do it again. c'mon mex.

since enduring a dreadful scoring drought last month --- 1 run, total, in 5 games --- the braves have batted .308 as a team and averaged over 6 runs a game. mystifying, eh? maybe not: the scoring drought came against the #1 and #2 pitching staffs in the american league (boston and detroit); since then most of their games have come against the #9, 10, 12, and 15 staffs in the national league (that'd be florida, pittsburgh, cincinnati, and washington). credit andruw jones, in large part, for the increased scoring output: since june 25 (when the surge began), he has posted a .963 ops. he was at just .682 in the 11 weeks prior to that date. the other jones has been even better: 1.017 ops for chipper since june 25.