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Game ninety one open thread: 18 July 2007



3-12, 6.25

7-8, 4.81


So, is this Kip Wells' last stand in the rotation? He at least seems to have kept Miggy in check throughout the course of his career, not ever allowing him a multi base hit in 17 AB. Willis has been struggling this season, as well, posting middling to poor starts all season.

If Kippers is going to succeed anywhere, it's going to be in this huge stadium. So here's to hoping that he just throws the ball, lets the ball's motion take care of things. I almost hope that he doesn't, just so that he might finally get an opportunity to just go away. Unless he wants to suddenly become consistently good. I'd be ok with that, I guess.

And for those who don't yet know, Rolen isn't in the lineup tonight, and is flying back to the lou to be examined for injury. Edmonds is also not re-activated, for unspecified reasons.