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Game 88 Open Thread: July 15, 2007

wagon maker


7-7, 4.66

8-5, 5.69


Well, the 2nd half is off to a roaring start now, isn't it? Maroth's opponent's slugging percentage is now .563, which is better then Albert's and Duncan's slugging for the season. So who will be this player to be named later? Whoever it is, it looks like too much at this point. Let's hold off on anointing him the next Jamie Moyer, please. The change in leagues has left him worse for the wear, not better.

To add injury to insult, there was this tidbit of news at the P-D today:

For the first time since Carpenter and Mark Mulder began their rehab programs, La Russa on Saturday sounded more optimistic about Mulder's return than Carpenter's. The Cardinals are fearful Carpenter's recent elbow stiffness and swelling may be related to an arthritic condition that was believed secondary to bone spurs when the pitcher had arthroscopic surgery May 8.

The season is officially over. How's that for optimism?

Tonight's game is on ESPN, which means hitting the mute button. It also means hoping that the Cardinals give Adam Eaton a shellacking and hand the Phils their 10,000th loss. As crappy as the rotation has been, some of the free agents they've chased haven't fared much better. Check it out:

  • Miguel Batista-xFIP 5.07 $5.5 mil
  • Jeff Weaver-xFIP 5.14 $8.325 mil
  • Adam Eaton-xFIP 5.19 $7,208,333
  • Jason Schmidt-xFIP 5.06, out for the season. $16 mil
  • Jeff Suppan-xFIP 4.85, $6 mil
  • Randy Wolf-xFIP 4.25, $7.5 mil
  • Vincente Padilla-xFIP 5.12, $9 mil
  • Andy Pettitte-xFIP 4.48, $16 mil

The only good out of this group has been Randy Wolf and maybe Andy Pettitte, and both were hellbent to play for their respective teams. Jeff Weaver was abysmal to start the season but has turned it around lately. Padilla has rivaled Kip Wells in being the game's worst pitcher this year. And Jason Schmidt, the guy I would've given left glute for, is out for the season. As bad as the pitching has been this year, throwing money at the problem wouldn't have worked out either. Then again, they did give Carp about $65 mil and he's pitched in the season opener and that's it, and they gave Mulder $13 mil and he probably won't pitch until September, if at all.