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Game 86 Open Thread: July 13, 2007

wells kendrick
3-11, 5.92 3-0, 4.40

fastballs, kipper; fastballs. use your slider vs. the right-handers, and your changeup vs the left-handers; forget everything else. make the game simple.

this kendrick guy ought to be a piece of cake for a decent-hitting team; before this season he had never pitched an inning above class A, and in three seasons at that level he yielded nearly 10 hits per 9 innings. he threw 81 innings at double A this year, yielding a hit an inning, and then came straight to the big leagues and has survived so far --- but he's still giving up nearly 10 hits per 9 while striking out fewer than 3 guys per 9. plus, check out the size of this guy's neck. it's got to be really disorienting for the hitter when the pitcher's neck is longer than his arm. probably makes it very hard to pick up the ball.

he is quite a handsome man, however. got to give him that.

if st louis wins the game, it'll be franchise loss #10,000 for the phillies. i highly recommend this meditation on the subject by my friends over at The Good Phight.