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All-Star Game Open Thread: July 10, 2007



10-3, 2.30

9-3, 2.19


quick --- name the last cardinal hitter to hit a homer in an all-star game. name the last cardinal pitcher to earn an all-star win. name the last cardinal player to win an all-star mvp award. Update [2007-7-10 20:5:33 by lboros]: nice work --- all 3 correct answers are in the comments.

judging by the starting lineups for this game, the national league appears to be in ascendancy. aside from griffey and bonds, the lineup comprises a 30-year-old (beltran) and a bunch of 20somethings; nearly all the bench players are younger than 30. the 8 american league position players, by contrast, are all 31 or older, and the bench includes fossilizing talents like many ramirez, jorge posada, torii hunter, and mike lowell. perhaps the american league's run of dominance over the national (10 consecutive all-star wins, 16 wins in the last 19 contests) is nearing its end.

ichiro (sea) cf reyes (nym) ss
jeter (nyy) ss bonds (sf) lf
ortiz (bos) 1b beltran (nym) cf
a-rod (nyy) 3b griffey (cin) rf
guerrero (laa) rf wright (nym) 3b
ordonez (det) lf fielder (mil) 1b
i rodriguez (det) c martin (lad) c
polanco (det) 2b utley (pha) 2b
haren (oak) p peavey (sd) p