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Game 78 Open Thread: July 1, 2007



5-2, 4.73

2-1, 6.41

I was listening to the game on the radio last night, so I had to go by what Horton and Rooney were saying, and from what they were saying last night's strike zone was a nightmare. Lohse was getting all sorts of calls, while the Wagonmaker couldn't buy a called strike. Not one Red struck out looking out of the 6 K's from Card pitchers, while out of the out the 9 K's by Red pitchers, 6 were of the backward variety. That doesn't set well with me, I'm surprised TLR showed the type of restraint that he did. If it were Cox, Pinella or this nut, he would've got himself ejected by the 6th inning. Like I said, I didn't see the game and I don't want to make excuses for Wainwright. The real goats have been the offense, who look like they have gone back to the ice age that was April. Making Kyle Lohse look that good is pretty freakin' inexcusable. (And if I ever see Skip Schumaker in a starting lineup again, my head will explode.)

The good news is Maroth is on the mound today and outside of Phillips and maybe Griffey, the Redleg regulars have not hit lefties well at all. If Maroth can avoid the big HR today, I like our chances. Oh, wait, they have their rookie phenom starting today. We could be screwed.

With Larry out next week, I'll be with y'all Thursday AM. See ya then.