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Game 58 Open Thread: June 8, 2007, 7:10 CDT



5-2, 5.44

2-10, 6.40

hat tip to truemun: the cards signed troy percival. that gives st louis four members of the angels' 2002 championship squad, joining spiezio kennedy and eckstein; look for the kevin appier signing to occur any day now.

go figure: against teams whose primary uniform color is red (that's cincinnati, houston, and washington), the cardinals are 11-7 this year. they're holding their own against black (6-4) and purple (4-3), but getting absolutely massacred by teams clad in blue: st louis is an abysmal 5-17 against that particular dye. maybe those 6 upcoming games vs the royals won't be so easy after all . . . . .

tonight's angels starter, bartolo colon, missed his last start with tendonitis in the triceps; the two starts prior to that he got killed, yielding 15 runs and 4 homers in 10.2 innings. prior to that, he had reeled off 5 quality starts in 6 outings. kip wells has only had 1 quality start in his last 9 trips to the mound. i know i did this comparison already this morning, but i'm a glutton for punishment; let's put those 9 trips side by side with anthony reyes' 9 starts this season:

reyes 9 50.1 50 18 39 6 0-8 6.08
wells 9 50.1 63 26 32 11 1-8 8.05

whatever. go get'm, kipper.