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Game 55 Open Thread: June 5, 2007, 7:10 CDT



6-2, 4.22

1-1, 7.57


you'll never guess who todd wellemeyer's number 1 comp is at Baseball Prospectus. get this: it's bob gibson! . . . . ok, so it's this guy, not that guy; i still like it.

wellemeyer has thrown 170 pitches since joining the cardinals --- 119 of them for strikes, or 70 percent. with the royals this season, he was only throwing 59 percent of his pitches for strikes. that takes care of one of the two big reasons wellemeyer had a 10.34 era in kansas city. the other --- rampant HRism --- remains in force. since joining st louis wellemeyer has faced 49 hitters and yielded 3 homers --- 1 per 16 plate apperances. that's even worse than his hr rate in kansas city, where he gave up a dinger once every 21 plate appearances. his opponents tonight, the reds, lead the national league in home runs with 75. . . . .

duncan's back in the lineup tonight:

hopper lf eckstein ss
hamilton cf duncan lf
phillips 2b pujols 1b
dunn lf edmonds cf
encarnacion 3b spiezio 3b
hatteberg 1b encarnacion rf
ross c bennett c
castro ss kennedy 2b
harang p wellemeyer p