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Game 77 Open Thread: June 30, 2007



6-6, 4.58

3-10, 5.02

ok, i'm getting sick of putting wainwright's picture on the blog. this is the 3d day in a row; just make the damn start already.

nice win last night, and another good game by brad thompson. that makes 4 quality starts in 9 outings, plus a 5th of 5 innings / 1 run (an inning shy of "quality start" status). the cardinals are 7-2 in his starts. here are his numbers as a starting pitcher compared to those of the other two young SPs:

era avg obp slg k/9 w/9 hr/9
thompson 4.89 .301 .350 .479 2.9 2.2 1.01
wainwright 4.58 .296 .360 .429 5.2 3.3 0.80
reyes 6.40 .272 .340 .452 6.4 3.3 1.11

like wainer and reyes, thompson is 25 years old. should he keep his spot in the rotation? and if so, at whose expense? suppose the cardinals are 13 or 14 games out of first place 10 days from now and clearly not bound for the 2007 postseason; should thompson be given a chance to start every five days and earn a rotation slot for 2008? if so, whose slot does he take? not wainwright's; not maroth's; not carpenter's. that would leave looper and reyes, and if i were in charge i'd give him looper's slot and send braden back to the bullpen. i'd use the 2d half of the schedule to let the three 25-year-olds show what they can do ---- again, that's assuming the team has fallen hopelessly out of the race.

that's all i got today, and all from me until next saturday. wonder what state will our dear team be in by then . . . .