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Game 53 Open Thread: June 3, 2007, 1:05 pm CDT



6-4, 3.65

0-1, 2.12


Kip Wells everyone, Master of Disaster. At least Anthony Reyes had semi-decent components to go with an unusually low strand rate. Wells has just been crap all around. More from Strauss: Anthony Reyes can't just be successful in the minors to make it back to the show, his path back solely hinges on throwing the sinker. :SIGH: Memphis pitching coach Dyar Miller sides against the big club management.

"Some organizations try to clone people to their way of thinking. Others try to get the best out of the individual. I think in Anthony's case, you've got to work with him the way he throws. I just don't think he's going to be able to throw that two-seamer. He doesn't work that way."

Kudos to you Dyar, that's what we've all been saying. La Russa did also state that part of Reyes problems have been "situation recognition". We've found that to be true for the most part here with recent posts at VEB, and the prescription we came up for those woes is more high 4-seam fastballs. While La Russa is right, Reyes gets overly reliant on his off-speed stuff in situations with runners in scoring position, their idea of a remedy is a sinker, something as we all know and now experienced pitching coaches are saying Reyes can't do. Splendid. It's a subject that's been killed thrice over here at VEB and then some, with much debate. I'm just glad Miller said something about it, because it's not just Reyes I worry about getting a fair chance at a big league career over this "pitch to contact" extremism. There's some pretty interesting talent in the minors like Adam Ottavino, Chris Perez, Shaun Garceau, etc. that are high fastball pitchers. Are they going to get an opportunity if they don't throw sinkers, too? I love La Russa and Dunc for the success they've had here, but I happily put myself in the category of one who will welcome a change when they decide to ride off into the sunset. Maybe I'll regret saying it later, but I'd like to see our hard throwing pitchers liberated from a 2-seam tyrannic regime. (Ok, maybe that's overstating but you get the point.) Meanwhile, Kip Wells will get a pass because he's a veteran and throws a sinker. Blech. On somewhat of a side note, is anyone else feeling a little scared that the illusion that this bad division creates is going to push Walt into selling the farm for another run? The Cardinals have always been a "win-now" beast, but it seems now is the time to focus on developing the future more then ever, rather then selling it.