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Game 74 Open Thread: June 26, 2007



2-1, 6.65

7-6, 3.16


trivia fact about oliver perez: he was the visiting starter in the last game i ever saw at busch II --- got ejected in the 2d inning for plunking hector luna, an act of retaliation in a season-long feud betw the cards and pirates. that was the year dave duncan and lloyd mcclendon threw punches at each other during batting practice . . . . .

check out the cardinal lineup in that game, by the way: john gall was the cleanup hitter, followed by taguchi, seabol, diaz, and luna. that sort of makeshift lineup was routine during the 2d half of 2005 --- in addition to gall, the cardinals used grudzielanek, molina, and john mabry as cleanup hitters, and taguchi batted 3d a number of times. are the scrubs being run out there in 2007 really that much worse? i'll submit that they're better --- no sub on that 2005 team was as good as spiezio, and nobody on the current team is as awful as seabol or diaz was.

well ok, maybe adam kennedy . . . . .