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Game 70 Open Thread: June 22, 2007



6-5, 4.40

0-8, 6.34


if mike maroth can just provide 2/3 production pitcher that jamie moyer has . . . .

away from the hitter-friendly great american ballpark, moyer has a 3.96 era and a .717 ops allowed, both better-than-average figures. but he's gotten mashed lately ---- era is 6.00 over his last 7 starts, with 11 homers allowed in 42 innings. he's currently 5th in the nl in the tater tally.

the cardinals may need to hit a few tonight, because the phillies boast the league's best offense and they have the type of hitters anth'y reyes tends to fare least well against, ie very patient ones --- as a team they are #1 in the league in walks. there's a misperception among some reyes critics that he walks too many guys, which isn't true. but he does have a problem with his command: patient hitters take the pitches on the corners, take the changeup and the slurve, and wait him out for a fat one --- and crush it. no matter what he throws --- 2-seam or 4, high in the zone or low --- reyes gets hurt when he leaves it in the middle of the plate, same as everyone else. with the acquisition of maroth, he doesn't have the luxury of many more bad outings; indeed, his spot in the rotation could very well be on the line tonight. . . . . .

i think the maroth pickup makes sense, but if it comes at the expense of a young pitcher's development then it doesn't make sense to me. hope it doesn't play out that way; reyes can help avert such an outcome, starting tonight.

by the way, if you haven't read matt leach's article about darryl kile, you should. dk passed away 5 years ago today. . . . .