Cardinals Aquire Maroth

Just saw it break on ESPN; still unknown who was sent over to Detroit from us. He isn't a free agent until after 2008. They are guessing we sent over one of our relievers. With Rogers and Robertson coming back, they saw Maroth being the odd man out.

Update [2007-6-22 14:35:59 by lboros]: link to derrick goold's article on the deal:

The Cardinals acquired the lefty for players to be named later.

Maroth, who is 5-2 this season with a 5.06 ERA, was about to be displaced from the Tigers rotation with the return of Kenny Rogers tonight and the pending arrival of Nate Robertson. . . . Through 13 starts this season, Maroth has allowed 97 hits and 33 walks over 78 1/3 innings.

here is maroth's baseball reference page. his calling card has always been control --- career bb/9 of 2.4 coming into the season, an excellent figure --- but he hasn't been getting it over the plate this year, averaging 3.8 walks per 9, or 50 percent more than his career norm. and his control has been getting worse, not better --- 16 walks in his last 31 innings, or 4.6 bb/9.

he ain't a world-beater, but he can throw innings, and he ought to be able to survive against nl lineups: his career era vs the national league is 3.75 in 18 starts (a full run lower than his overall career era), and his career ops allowed is 40 points lower vs nl teams than vs al teams.

all in all it's a sensible pickup, adding stability and flexibilty to the rotation at what will likely be little cost to the organization.

Update [2007-6-22 15:8:52 by lboros]: i've attached a poll; click on "comments" to see the choices and cast your vote.

Update [2007-6-22 15:18:12 by lboros]: the tiger fans at Bless You Boys are sorry to see maroth go.