Walt Jocketty to leave the Cardinals?

Today sure has been an interesting day.

First, it started with the rumor by on-air personality JC Cocoran saying that 'inside sources' believe that Walt Jocketty would be fired soon because of the team he has constructed.

Obviously that is bogus, but it got me worried.

Then, of course, the hair stood up on the back of my neck when Peter Gammons reported tonight on Baseball Tonight that word is that Jocketty will not return to the Cardinals after this upcoming season.

Gammons said that there were 'differences' inside the organizations that he believed would not be able to be overcome for Jocketty to return.

He said, of course, Jocketty can have his pick of any open job following this season as he is considered one of the top 2 GMs in baseball.

Anyways, thought I'd pass that along.