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Game 68 Open Thread: June 19, 2007



2-2, 8.54

4-2, 5.28

hey ma, i'm a network star ---- did a quick guest spot this afternoon on NBC Fantasy Fix, an online-only feature which you can download from NBC Digital Sports' website. i put in a plug for anthony reyes; rotisserie owners across this great land of ours will skin me alive if he doesn't start winning games.

as you all know by now, the cardinals signed pitcher tomo ohka to a minor-league deal. the blue jays dfa'd ohka 10 days ago and gave him his outright release this morning, and jocketty was there waiting, contract in hand. during the off-season i had suggested that this guy might be a good pickup at the right price; price can't get much righter than the league minimum, which is all the cardinals will owe ohka (pro-rated) if they call him up. but then, i offered my opinion before ohka gave up 10 homers in 56 innings for Toronto and compiled a 22-21 walk-to-k ratio. since returning from a rotator-cuff injury last july --- he rehabbed, rather than getting a surgical fix --- ohka has made 22 starts for the brewers and blue jays; only 6 of those outings met the "quality start" definition. his overall line in that span:

119 133 44 52 4-9 5.75 1.487

those numbers are far, far worse than what ohka posted before his shoulder got hurt; safe to assume he's still not healthy. having said that --- what the hell, why not give this guy a shot? more than half his starts this year have come against offenses that are averaging more than 5 runs a game (tigers, rangers, and bosox); only 1 national league team has an lineup that potent. perhaps against less rigorous competition he'll be a slightly more able survivor. he'd be hard-pressed to do worse than wells or wellemeyer . . . .

oh, by the way ---- wells got scratched from tonight's start. brad thompson to go in his place. whew.