La Russa comments on Reyes ... sort of

Given the prevalence of La Russa/Reyes debate, I feel it is my duty as an avid reader to post these comments by Tony as reported in this story from

"We tell all of our pitchers that when you watch pitchers who are successful in the big leagues, they do certain things as a starting pitcher," La Russa said. "And if you want to be a successful starting pitcher, you have to do those things. There is no magical formula.

"It's not [pitching coach] Dave Duncan's way of teaching it. It's just that if you look at the successful pitchers, they do a number of things. Anthony does some of them and needs to improve the other things. It's really that simple. [Memphis pitching coach] Dyar [Miller] said he did one of the things well -- and I am not going to get into it -- but he did one of the things better," La Russa added.

It just seems odd that Tony is so willfully vague about what "thing" Reyes is doing well.  But I have to assume it relates to throwing the two-seamer, or at least pitching effectively down in the zone.  Given the criticism of pushing Reyes to throw the pitch by the PD, blogs, etc., I could see why he wouldn't want to mention it by name.  It's also clear that Tony's a little pissed about the second-guessing he and Duncan are getting over this "thing."

Hardcore Legend also mentioned in the comments to this post that he watched the same game and Reyes was very effective throwing low fastballs.