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Game 63 Open Thread: June 14, 2007, 7:10 CDT



2-10, 6.33

2-2, 7.34

lord a-mighty, look at those eras; kip wells has a full one-run advantage over his opponent tonight. wells had a couple of quasi-encouraging outings in late may, walking just one man in each of his last two starts that month, but so far in june he's walked 8 guys in 10 innings and has thrown fewer than 60 percent of his pitches for strikes. here's a mildly interesting split:

avg obp slg pa / hr
pitches 1-75 .247 .325 .426 32
pitches 76+ .366 .447 .620 18

the split very well might be random, but insofar as wells only threw 44 innings last season it's not that far-fetched to theorize that he still lacks stamina; maybe they should get the guy out of there after the 5th inning for a few starts. . . . . another idea about wells: i'd like to see him rely more heavily on his fastball. he throws his 4-seam 92-94 consistently with movement, and his sinker in the high 80s with movement; it's no big deal if he fails to locate either pitch with great precision, because i don't think batters can square those pitches up even if they're on the fat ot the plate. still not quite caught up on my pitch-charts for wells, but my gut instinct is that he's getting hurt on his off-speed pitches more so than on his fastballs.

kennedy 2b
taguchi lf
pujols 1b
edmonds cf
rolen 3b
encarnacion rf
duncan dh
stinnett c
miles ss