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Game Sixty-Two Open Thread: 13 June 2007



4-5, 5.19

3-6, 5.68


Things to watch for this game:
  1. Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen have historically just teed off on Odalis Perez: Albert’s career line off of him is .647/.714/1.647 (not a typo) with five HR. Scottie has hit for a paltry .429/.529/.929 with two HR.
  2. As mentioned by several in today’s morning thread, Wainwright seems to have been getting on track recently: he hasn’t given up more than four runs in a start since the 15th of May. Perhaps a match-up against the Royals is exactly what he needs.
  3. Though not directly related to this game, this Onion article, for me, captures a lot of what I feel was lost with the steroids era. I’m still cheering for Bonds to get quietly injured and to limp into retirement.
Let’s get this thing done. When I was a kid, I always used to say, when the other team put up a huge whoopin’ on the Cardinals, "Well, at least they’ve used up all their runs for this series. Here’s to hoping that the Royals have used up all of their runs for this series.