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Game 60 Open Thread: June 10, 2007, 1:15 CDT

the good weaver


5-3, 3.88

1-1, 7.226


If it's 12:30 in the am and you're wondering why the game thread is up already, it's because I have an appointment early and I'm headed to see the Swing take on my local Cedar Rapids Kernels. I'm really looking forward to seeing Tyler Herron pitch.

Last time we saw this younger Weaver he was sporting a Cardinal cap and jacket and crying all over his big brother who had pitched brilliantly and helped bring home his family and team a championship. How different today. Anyway, re: last night's action, there's not much to say. When Looper has it, he has it. When he doesn't, he's a disaster. There's not much middle ground with him; such is the way when you have a pitcher who lives or dies with the sinker. Oh, well. The Angels are just in a class the Cardinals cannot sniff at at this point, and I'm not sure it gets better today with Wellemeyer, just based on his previous results and the way the Angels are raking it right now. I'm sure this wisecrack has already been said 100 times since the Percival signing --- enjoy pitching in the rotation, Troy.

At this point there are no simple solutions. The trade market is non-existent right now, and this beast of a wild card system creates more buyers then sellers, giving the sellers more leverage. At some point, it's time to come up to the lick-log and say it's so. Even if this crappy division is winnable, what are the odds of them limping into the playoffs and winning it again? There are some real gains that come with just making the playoffs, just from a financial standpoint. But with the Brewers building a strong core from within, it would seem any attempt at running at another division title would be likely a last hurrah. Of course these are probably all premature musings here, but I'd prefer the Cardinals be sellers this season. There are some real needs here that need to be addressed and it's better to have leverage, versus trying to drive a dead horse to the finish line. Who they could sell and how they would go about it, I don't know. Maybe it's just a pipe dream. I'm happy that the core of this group finally came together and won a championship. Now blow the darn thing up if humanly possible and hit the reset button. The Angels did not do that the year after they won the Series, and they were miserable the following season. It took quite a bit of spending and waving good-bye to some of their heroes to get back. Ironically, the heroes they've been letting go Walt has been scooping up, with Percival being the latest. Thankfully we avoided Darin Erstad. That was a rumor I remember hearing and cringing at last winter, and the winter before that.

Do I believe 100% that that is the solution? I dunno for sure, it's actually doubtful they could unload much. Just sayin'.

  • After the game, you may want to check ESPN to watch Oregon State take on Michigan in the NCAA tourney. They were rained out today, so there's a chance RHP Mike Stutes, the Cardinals 9th round pick could be starting. He was thought to be drafted higher by many analysts and is just a junior, so then again there's a shot he'll go back to OSU.
  • Speaking of which, keep your eyes open for when Rice plays next week. They've advanced to the College World Series, and their lead-off hitter and CF is Tyler Henley, the Cards 10th round pick.