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Game 52 Open Thread: June 1, 2007, 7:10 pm CDT



4-4, 5.59

6-4, 3.38


oswalt has been nearly untouchable at home this season: 4-1 with a 1.76 era and an opponents' line of .204 / .264 / .290. that's how it goes every year. over his career in that building, oswalt is 57-19 with a 2.58 era and a line of .232 / .272 / .353. minute maid park (as it's now called) has evolved over time from an extreme hitters' environment into a nearly neutral one; just the same, oswalt's home performance, sustained over 7 years, is flat-out phenomenal. away from home he's a good pitcher --- 47-32 with a 3.60 era --- but it's his home performance that makes him a hall of fame candidate. two months shy of his 30th birthday, this pitcher has a career mark of 104-51 and a park-adjusted era+ of 141 --- 13th best of all time.

wainwright has been almost as good in houston as oswalt --- 2.92 career era at minute maid, with an opponents' line of .250 / .306 / .273. he's thrown 660 fewer innings there than oswalt, but who's counting. . . . .

anthony reyes returns to the mound tonight for the redbirds. the game's going to be broadcast on (link to the feed at the redbirds' web site); if they archive the broadcast, i'll take a look at it after the fact and see how reyes' pitch selection compares to the mix he's been throwing at the big-league level.

Update [2007-6-1 19:29:9 by lboros]: eckstein returns to the lineup tonight:

eckstein ss biggio 2b
speeze lf pence cf
albert 1b berkman 1b
jed cf lee lf
rolen 3b scott rf
en'cion rf ensberg 3b
bennett c everett ss
kennedy 2b ausmus c
wagonmaker p oswalt p