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Game Thirty-Two Open Thread



2-2, 3.82

2-2, 5.60

I had a post completely prepared about the new type of fandom that will be required to follow this team--about how our temperament is going to need to change , as well as the sorts of things that you hope to get from watching and experiencing a game. I still have that post in me, and would be tempted to post it, but eh... we won last night.

Unsurprisingly, Tony seems as frustrated with the offense as we are. After last night's win, he offered the following description of the offense:

"You mean the one-inning wonders?" La Russa said. "It just shows you what we're capable of doing. We're scrapping right now."
At least, last night, the Cardinals managed to capitalize on their big inning, rather than just scoring one run, and stranding the bases loaded, as has seemed to have been their habit in recent weeks.

What is even more encouraging to me is the fact that Tony seems unhappy with the way that the team's been executing, and is willing to shake things up--you see that willingness in the way that he moved the lineup around last night, and in the way the team has been moving the roster around quite frequently as of late.

Today, let's hope that Mr. Wagonmaker can turn things around. His game log shows him having played relatively solid baseball (2-1, 3.15)against everyone except for our favorite blue-clad buddies, so let's hope that he can work his curveball and get some outs tonight. Last night showed that this Rockie offense can be overanxious and capable of getting themselves out. If Brad Thompson can exploit this weakness, then certainly Wainwright can.

Let's see if we can make this another series win, boys.