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Game 51 Open Thread: May 31, 2007, 8 pm CDT



3-1, 4.73

4-1, 4.11


somebody noted this in the comments to this morning's post, but in case you missed it here's what will carroll had to say about chris duncan today:
Duncan's minor knee injury also involves an infection, and one source has told me that the team is concerned about MRSA, the particularly virulent and lingering bacterial infection that has crept into sports. While the team refused comment on the situation and I was not able to confirm this source's report, MRSA is an important enough problem in baseball to note. You will remember that Alex Rios had this type of infection in his knee last season, and suffered through a terrible second half after the injury. Hopefully, Duncan will not have to deal with this, but it bears noting.
just what this organization needs. . . . .

on a happier note, mgl gave us all a sneak peek at his UZR figures for 2007. among the limited number of players he cited, scott rolen is the clear fielding star of the year --- on pace to save 40 runs with his glove. he almost surely won't stay on that pace --- a figure of 20 runs saved is excellent, so saving 40 runs would be off the charts. edmonds is on pace to cost the team 7 runs, compared to an average centerfielder . . . . pujols, who posted superlative numbers last year on the advanced fielding metrics, does not appear in mgl's sneak preview.