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Game Fifty Open Thread: 30 May 2007: injury backup rally



0-1, 8.06

2-4, 4.30


Before we talk about today’s game, I should note that, Twenty-Five years ago today, Cal Ripken, Jr. played the first game in his streak. Here's to Cal, and to those golden days of the eighties.

Now for today's game. Today, Todd Wellemeyer makes his first start since he started twelve games for the 2005 AAA Iowa Cubs. The results there didn't look too bad (3.05 ERA, lots of K, though with a high WHIP), and it's not like 2005 is ancient history, but he has yet to make a major league start. Count me amongst those who are confused as to what La Russa and Duncan saw in Wellemeyer that screamed "starter," but stranger things have happened than having this guy succeed.

But having a career reliever make his first start in Colorado, throwing at either a backup or third catcher, during an increasingly desperate looking season?

Gutsy move, to say the least. Hopefully, our Todd will come up on top when he sees Helton today.