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Game Fourty Three Open Thread--23 May 2007



4-2, 2.76

1-8, 6.75

Putting up the game thread a little early today--I have some yard work to do, and might not be back in time to actually have this up before first pitch.

If you're looking for some pregame entertainment, check out this fjm post, one of the funniest I've read in a while.

We've got yet another good ol' matchup against the Buccos, thanks to our lovely unbalanced schedule. First, does this count as a 'revenge game', thanks to Wells' former prominence with the Pirates? Second, how long do you think Ian Snell can keep up his current pace? His peripherals look decent, but not spectacular like his 2.76 ERA. This will, at least, be a test of the newly resurgent offense.

Not to mention a test of the disastrous recent stretch of pitching by Kip H. "Kippersley" Wells.