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Game Twenty-Six Open Thread-May 2, 2007



0-4, 5.73

4-0, 3.21

Ugh. We really get the best of the Brewers this time through, ya? Well, the team has to slog through this, and 'lil Tony has to eventually find his way through the majors again... why not have both things happen in the same game? My vague sort of judgment, says that the young Brewers are the type of team that is going to be anxious and get confused with Reyes' fastball/changeup type of style. At the minimum, they certainly weren't confused with the sinkerballers yesterday and Sunday.

I am getting a bit curious about how the team will react. In 2002, the team seemed to go through a bit of a tailspin, and then come together and played steeled, hard nosed, baseball right up until the playoffs. They played with a determination that itself seemed to be grieving. Kile is not Hancock, and this team is not that team, but I'm wondering if we're going to see that sort of grief in the near future--this sort of "dammit, let's do it for Hancock" attack. That's how I try to let grief in during my life--retreat for a little bit, and then try to use it as a lesson on how to live my life better and fuller.

And on that note, there was certainly some nastiness in the threads yesterday. Regardless of the circumstances of Hancock's death, there is no need to say some of the things to each other that were said yesterday.