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Game 40 Open Thread: May 19, 2007



0-6, 5.08

3-3, 3.62

disjointed saturday thoughts:

  • on 7 occasions since interleague play began, the previous year's world series opponents have met in a regular-season rematch. none of those seven series has resulted in a sweep. the world-series-winning teams have won 4 of the 7 reg-season rematches; before last night, they had an 11-10 overall record in rematch games. yesterday's game was the most lopsided result in games of this type; before that the biggest margin of victory was 7 runs, in this game.
  • what the heck is going on here?
    [A]fter fielding many inquiries the last couple of days about Wainwright's health, La Russa called Wainwright into his office to clear the air.

    "It's important for our fans to know that, after his first start, he had a little achiness," La Russa said. "He got through it and got treatment. Three starts ago, I was told there wasn't a problem." . . .

    "We worked it all out," Wainwright said after his chat with La Russa. "I was not looking great and people are looking for the reasons why. I know the reasons."

    He did not elaborate.

    did not elaborate; hmmmm . . . . . reminds me of the time last september when la russa said anthony reyes did have a sore arm, and reyes said he didn't. now it's the other way around: wainwright says the arm hurts (er, "does not elaborate") and la russa says it doesn't. i'm sure glad those two guys talked and got it all straightened out . . . . .
  • good ol' nl central. the esteemed division went 1-4 in interleague play last night; only the cubs won. (the pirates won an intraleague game vs the dbacks). despite their 2-5 record on this road trip, the cardinals actually have gained ground on the brewers, who are 2-6 over the same span. st louis also has widened its lead over the reds, who are 1-6, and stayed about even with the cubs (3-5). houston has picked up a couple of games; they're 4-3.
  • i know i'm only jinxing the kid, but anthony reyes has pitched very well against american league teams. last year (including the world series) he compiled this line against them:
    21 9 5 5 5 13 2.14 0.667

    this year, reyes ranks among the national league's top 15 in whip, opp batting average, opp on-base pct, and strikeout rate. his walk rate is 3.0, well below the league average and second-best among the st louis starters; ditto his home-run rate (1 per 40 plate appearances). you'd think a guy like this would have a win or two to his credit. . . . .

    maybe tonight.