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Game Thirty-Eight Open Thread: 16 May, 2007

Update [2007-5-17 1:37:20 by Valatan]:: ugh. That hurts. Well, it seems that Crazy Tony is officially back with the team. I have half of a mind to start a tally keeping track of 'crazy tony' and 'genius tony' decisions.



1-7 6.51

4-3 3.94

Well, here we are, at yet another rubber game of a series, hoping to give the good guys one more win. I shouldn't have a good feeling about this game, but I strangely do. I think that Kip Wells is largely due to have a decent start, and I feel like the offense maybe, just maybe is getting a bit of steam built up--a little confidence in having this season actually working out. Perhaps the last two days were a flash in the pan, but I really do think it is this team realizing that it is composed of real-life, actual, major league hitters.

This isn't to say that Pujols, Rolen and/or Edmonds aren't hurt (it was mentioned in an earlier game thread that Albert could have a hurt hammmy--which would make his seemingly off-balance swing make a lot of sense), and that they shouldn't be given a days rest if so. All it is saying is that this team isn't possibly as bad as it has been up until now. I would also contend that the Brewers could easily fall back to Earth. Anyway--here's to a win tonight, and a continuation of the team's offensive non-incompetence.