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Game 37 Open Thread: May 15, 2007



3-2, 5.01

3-4, 3.61

i've been out since early this morning looking at flood scours and spillways and marinas and visitor-center exhibits and trail signage. i nodded off in my afternoon meeting but am assured by my colleagues that the snooze went undetected by them --- and therefore, we hope, also escaped notice on the client's side of the table.

i see that the subject of capitalization came up again in the morning thread. here's the deal. when i began blogging, i used the lowercase letters as a device to enforce a cap upon my effort; i didn't want to fall into the trap of laboring over my words, as i tend to do when writing in more formal venues (viz. my novels, plays, and volumes of poetry). i just wanted the thoughts to flow right through the fingertips, as unedited and unshaped as possible. that's still the spirit in which i write these posts, although i'll admit that --- since i know people actually read this stuff --- i occasionally will go to the trouble of frilling up the prose, trying to fashion it into pretty little bows and ribbons. not often, but sometimes i just can't help myself.

in any case, the lowercase still serves its original function --- to remind myself that the writing i do here ain't supposed to be art, and it ain't supposed to be labor; it's an outlet and a release, a vent for surplus mental energy. moreover, the shtick has worked for two years now, so it's too late to change it. it'd be like changing the formula for coke. when the product is selling, you don't mess with it. you just keep churning it out.

churn out another 8 runs tonight, fellahs.