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Game 33 Open Thread: May 11, 2007



1-6, 6.59

4-1, 1.75

jake peavy is an absolute load. he has nearly twice as many strikeouts (56) as hits allowed (30); he has yielded just 1 homer in 46 innings. the league is batting .181 against him and slugging .229.

he might no-hit the cardinals tonight.

jeff weaver did not get dfa'd after all; not yet, anyway. the mariners put him on the dl this afternoon. i still don't know how much truth there is to the tip i received this morning re jocketty's call to the mariners, but it passes the whiff test with me. for one thing, i trust the source; for another, duncan and la russa made no bones about their desire to have weaver back. the cardinal rotation looks shaky; they're already down to #6 or #7 on the depth chart, and #8 (narveson) left his last start with a shoulder injury. gms talk to each other all the time; it makes perfect sense that jocketty would place a call to see what plans the mariners have for weaver.

i'm sure we haven't heard the last of this.