cards inquire about weaver

this morning i received the following e-mail from a knowledgeable source: "Yesterday afternoon Jocketty called [Seattle GM Bill] Bavasi and said he'd be willing to take Weaver as long as the M's cover most of the salary."

don't know if it's true, and don't have time to try to confirm it; i do trust the information. in my opinion, he's not the answer . . . . but then, the cards are one sore arm away from having keisler back in the rotation --- or matt ginter, or the not-yet-ready hawksworth or parisi.

Update [2007-5-11 14:10:59 by lboros]: weaver to be DFA'd today, per my source.

Update [2007-5-11 16:37:21 by lboros]: USS Mariner is now reporting the same thing --- ie, impending roster move involving weaver.

Update [2007-5-11 19:54:20 by lboros]: . . . . and he ends up on the 15-day disabled list . . . .