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Game 4 Open Thread: April 6, 2007



2-1, 3.12

9-10, 5.64

not to jinx wagonmaker as he makes his first big-league start, but he's been dominant in april / may during each of the last two seasons. in 2005 down at memphis, he carried a 2.44 era through the month of may with a 7:1 k/w ratio; last year he was at 0.77 through april and 2.03 through may, with a 6:1 k/w. he was very hard on the astros last year --- allowed only 1 walk (it was intentional) and 0 homers, while notching 11 strikeouts in 8 and a third innings . . . .

in getting swept by the pirates to open the season, the astros got 0 extra-base hits from lee, berkman, and ensberg; their bullpen blew two games late; and they made 4 errors while turning only 2 double plays --- including a costly boot on a flyball by new centerfielder chris burke. it all sounds kinda familiar . . . . after the sweep was completed, Crawfish Boxes said morosely: "If you want to take an optimistic note from tonight's game, you could be happy that at least the bullpen didn't blow the game. . . . The Astros are off tomorrow and play again on Friday against the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals at 7:05 pm on Friday. Hopefully Wandy can surprise the hell out of me and not get shelled."

and if you'd like to read about yet another 0-3 team, here's mike carminati on the phillies. . .

good reading over at Bird Land today about jackie robinson's uniform number.