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Morning post: it was just one game; just one game...

Update [2007-4-4 16:21:1 by lboros]: it's 2:15 p.m.; i'd like to propose that we just cede the argument to Danny1986. it's not that we all haven't been edified by that exchange, but you can have too much of a good thing. . . . i for one --- and i'm sure i speak for many --- think it's time to just congratulate danny and the mets on their two wins to open the season, and move on to more interesting subjects of conversation . . . . .[end update]

Well, this is hardly something that you want to start the season out seeing. I know that it's tough starting out the season worrying about the team's makeup and character while suffering through these losses after being so excited regarding the beginning of the season.

There were a few bright spots, however--

  • Kip Wells pitched better than the four runs he allowed. If he keeps up a decent performance, then he'll turn out to be a pretty solid pickup.
  • Chris Duncan seems to be learning the outfield pretty well. I only started watching partway through the fifth, but in that time, Duncan made two solid plays, including throwing a runner out at home. I didn't see any clear miscues
  • Rolen hit a home run. This team is going to need Scottie to stay at the very top of his game this season--backsliding by him would be disastrous to the offense, built as it is upon 'studs and scrubs.' Him hitting that homer is more of an indication that he's truly back and himself.
  • Also, maybe it is still just early season optimism, but it never seemed that the team was wholly out of the game last night. When Albert came to bat in the eighth, I was internally pretty confident that he could come up with something. It wasn't the feeling one had during the 2004 world series. That mini-rally in the eighth certainly felt like one that was going to erase that three point differential.

It is frustrating to watch your team come up short against the cream of the NL, however. It is specially hard to see this if one remembers how nailbiting the 2006 NLCS ended up being. But we really do need to remind ourselves that this is just two games. Most of us picked the Cards to be more than three games up by the end of the season Lboros pointing out below that the 2004 and 1985 clubs both started 0-2 should be a little indication to everyone involved that very little is settled in this first series. That's it for now, more fun with my evening/game thread to come...

Update [2007-4-4 8:54:55 by lboros]: not to intrude on your post, val, but i just read the p-d's article about carp's elbow and thought i would share an excerpt or two:

A bad Sunday night has become a bad week for Chris Carpenter. Still to be determined is whether it will extend to a bad month. . .

Though the club did not discuss the probability of Carpenter landing on the disabled list for a third time in four seasons, a club source said such a move becomes likely if there is no significant improvement in the next three days.

The Cardinals declined to make medical supervisor Dr. George Paletta available for comment.

"Any time something is going on with your arm, it's one: frustrating, two: a disappointment; and three: I don't know if it's alarming or not," Carpenter said about 90 minutes before Tuesday night's game against the Mets. "I want to make sure it's OK. That said, everyone I've talked to — doctors and trainers — is not alarmed. They don't think it's anything serious. They're trying to make sure that I know that everything will be OK." . . .

Carpenter said he first noticed the problem Tuesday morning when he could not touch his right hand to his right shoulder as he attempted to adjust his shirt while speaking on the phone with his parents.

Silent Bob: any thoughts?