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Game 3 Open thread. Go get 'em, guys

Maine b.Looper
6-5, 3.60 9-3, 3.56

So now we get to see Braden pitch in a game that actually counts. I'm really rooting for all of this madness to actually work out--just think what a feel-good story for Looper's amazing comeback as a starter to begin with him shining against the Mets. Ironically, I could completely see the game that we have who was supposed to be our "shakiest" starter starting will be the one that we actually win. This has been a frustrating, obnoxious series, but I'll feel a lot better about it if the team actually pulls one out against the Mets. We get to face John Maine, who was nice and obnoxious to us during the season last year, as I'm sure many of you remember. Check out CardNilly for a much more extensive analysis of the matchups.

Update [2007-4-4 22:25:42 by Valatan]:: on the game thread yesterday, it was asked if you could watch the game while listening to the radio feed--the answer is yes. Set up your quicktime plugin to open embedded video in a quicktime browser. Open up the video on This should open up in a quicktime window. Now, open up the gameday audio. This will also open up a quicktime video. So long as the audio player is in front of the video player, you will hear the audio and see the video (at least this is how it works on my mac) Update [2007-4-4 22:39:7 by Valatan]:: also, via cardsfan, Extra innings stays on cable