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Game 2 Open Thread: April 3, 2007

hernandez wells
11-11, 4.66 2-5, 6.50

in his career, kip wells has walked 5.1 men per 9 innings in the month of april --- vs 3.9 bb/9 in the other 5 months. likewise, he's issued 4.7 bb/9 in the first inning over the course of his career, vs 3.5 bb/9 in all the other innings . . . . suffice to say he's slow outta the gate. (numbers courtesy the magnificent Baseball Reference PI.) the top 5 anagrams for "kip wells":

  • Pew skill (proficiency in head-bowing and hand-folding)
  • Welk's lip (ie, backtalk from the famous bandleader)
  • Plik Slew (lead-footed sibling of the Triple Crown thoroughbred)
  • El Kwispl (spanish for "The Kwispl")
  • Skew pill (ie, greenies)
the top anagram for "el duque" is "quelude."

erik's got an update on the minor-league rosters; coupla modifications since then, but this is pretty much up to date. if you're wondering what happened to eddie degerman, the 3d-rounder outta rice with the very unorthodox windup . . . . he has walked 10 guys in an inning and a third this spring. he'll be staying down in jupiter to get things straightened out.