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Game Twenty Open Thread, 25 April, 2007.

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0-2, 3.25

3-1, 2.08

Current weather forecasts indicate that we're going to get this one in today. Let's hope this isn't one of those obnoxious rain-delay fiascoes.

So, today the Cardinals face everyone's favorite pop star (¡He covers Temple of the Dog!). Here's to hoping that the team can get their offense together and pile up some hits against this guy.

Hamilton CF Eck SS
Phillips 2B Duncan LF
Dunn LF Albert 1B
Junior RF Scottie 3B
Encarnacion 3B Edmonds CF
Hatteberg 1B Wilson RF
Gonzalez SS Kennedy 2B
Ross C Molina C
Arroyo P b.Looper P