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25 April Morning Thread

Now Wells is getting shelled, too? I watched the first couple innings of that, and am glad that there was a school emergency that kept me from finishing.

One thing, however, is not happening--this team isn't, to me, feeling like the spate of losing streaks that we had last year. During those streaks, the team just seemed to be finding new and interesting ways to lose. Every loss seemed to come completely out of left field in a new and "interesting" way, from Reyes being one hit away from a perfect game, but still getting a loss, to the multiple super-painful blowouts that we suffered. It was inexplicable how the team that performed so well for the first half of the season, despite the injury to Pujols, managed to collapse so horribly and so suddenly. It made no sense.

This team's struggles make significantly more sense--we have the backups playing the outfield, and we have multiple players playing through some sort of injury. If this team doesn't hold up, it kind of wasn't meant to. It wasn't constructed to weather an injury to Carpenter and ineffectiveness from the m3p. We'll see when Carp comes back, and if this rebound from Pujols and Rolen is for real, and then we might still be off to the races in this division.

See you guys with a game thread this afternoon.