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Game 19 Open Thread: April 24, 2007



2-0, 4.37

1-3, 3.12

the reds have had just as much trouble scoring as the cardinals lately. in their last 10 games they've scored just 38 runs (vs the cards' 39), and have topped 3 runs only four times (vs just three times for the cards). both teams are 4-6 in that span. the reds are the only nl team with a lower batting average than the cardinals (.228 vs .238); the teams have identical obps (.310) and nearly identical slugging avgs (cin .360, stl .356).

here's a little love for la russa: john heyman rates him as the best in the biz at

He put to rest the notion his players tighten up come October with one of the great managing jobs of our time last year. It's no easy thing to make an 83-win team believe it can win. Now he's made me believe. He's an original thinker who's unsurpassed strategically. "I have tried to guess along with him on what moves he'll make next,'' David Eckstein told me in spring training, "and it just can't be done.''
three of the cards' farm teams have already played today; prospect report is already up at Future Redbirds.