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Game Fourteen Open Thread: April 18, 2007



0-0, 3.00

2-0, 2.38

So, today ol' Randy gets another chance to improve on his start last week. Pac Bell Park might be very well the way to do it, given the way the balls were sailing off of the Pirates' bats the last time he pitched. I also take any chance that we get to see old Morris a good game to watch. Anyway, at least we have a lefty going up against the most hated lefty batter in all of the major leagues (who seems to be back to a semblance of his old self: 1.100 OPS with 3 HR this season). This season isn't over yet, but I don't think that going to a very, very pitcher friendly park is exactly what this team needs to turn things around offensively. The funny thing is, the thing that might be happening to the Cardinals right now seems very similar to what happened to the Giants after the 2002 season--a bunch of all-stars just got too old and fell off of the table. Go get 'em, Cards. I love mattmo, but these bats really need to wake up, and if that means beating up on him, then that's what has to happen.

Update [2007-4-18 22:3:16 by Valatan]::Here are yon lineups:

Visquel ss Eckstein ss
Linden cf Duncan lf
Aurilia 1b Pujols 1b
He who must not be named lf Edmonds cf
Durham 2b Speez 3b
Molina C Kennedy 2b
Feliz 3b molina c
Winn rf Schumaker rf
Morris p Keisler p

Nice to see the battle of the Molinas tonight.