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Game 12 Open Thread: April 16, 2007



0-1, 2.08

0-1, 5.40

in his mailbag at the Official Site today, matt leach was asked: "What will the Cardinals do with their fifth starter (assuming it's Anthony Reyes or Looper) once Mark Mulder comes off the DL?" here's matthew's response:

If everyone is healthy and pitching well when Mulder is available to return from the DL -- and that's a big, big if -- the best guess is that Looper would not be the odd man out. They have pretty well committed to this change for him. No one views it as an experiment; I do not expect him to go back to the bullpen unless the bottom completely falls out.
my emphasis added --- and you can probably guess why. if looper's not the odd man out --- and it's certainly not going to be carpenter (who, even if he's scoped, probably will be back on the mound for st louis before mulder) --- that leaves three other candidates: wells, wainwright, and reyes. . . . . not much doubt about which of those three has the thinnest margin for error. it'd probably behoove mr reyes to start stringing some good starts together.

pretty good discussion about anthony in this diary.