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Game 8 Open Thread: April 10, 2007



0-0, 0.00

1-0, 3.60

randy keisler carries a 6.82 career era into his start this evening. the only other cardinal starting pitcher i could find with a career era that high (min. 100 innings) was travis smith, whose sad duty it was to replace darryl kile in the rotation in 2002. he made 6 starts over the ensuing month, four of which could be called acceptably good (at least 5.2 innings, no more than 3 runs allowed). in the other two, he got creamed --- lasted fewer than 3 innings, allowed more than 6 runs. the cardinals split those 6 starts.

a few other examples of 6.00+ bird-on-bat starters:

  • mike busby, a highly regarded prospect who got hurt and was never the same; he had a 6.48 era in 82 innings (6 starts)
  • brady raggio: 8.10 era in 46.2 career innings (5 starts)
  • brian barber: also once highly touted; 6.77 era in 93 career inn (16 starts)