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On fake spring training competitions.

For the sake of my contest, here is the leaderboard for stats:

HR: t (1) Spezio, Duncan, Edgar Gonzalez
AB: Duncan (20)
ERA: twelve with zero
Wins: t (1) Reyes, Wainwright.

Not a lot to be saying about spring training at this point. A bunch of guys seem to be getting a serious look so far, as management tries to resolve the outfield logjam. Aside from Josh Kinney, the pitching seems to be holding up very well--a team ERA of 3.19 so far on the season. It is early yet, and the early cuts will be the less talented hitters. Further, as the position players get their timing back, they'll have more of an advantage against pitching. Still, that's pretty darn encouraging, considering the question marks that St. Louis pitching has, especially in the rotation.

Per Matt Leach, against the Dodgers today, we get Looper, then Franklin, then Narveson for 45 pitches, and then Andy Cavazos for thirty. Tagg Bozied is getting another look today. I don't really have much to say about it, I just wanted to type `Tagg Bozied.'

I'll just have one more thing to say for this morning (I'm planning an evening post today). I do want to express my satisfaction with management over one thing this year. Last year, if you remember, La Russa, Jocketty and Duncan declared a competition for the fifth rotation slot. They swore up and down that the most deserving starter would be allocated the fifth spot in the rotation. Consequently, when this spot was given to Sidney Ponson over Adam Wainwright and Anthony Reyes, despite a better spring from both of the latter two, there was understandably much gnashing of teeth around here over this decision. After Ponson's phantom good first month ended, and he flamed out horribly, everyone felt quite vindicated in saying that this spot should have either gone to Wainwright or Reyes.

Management isn't doing that this year. They have announced the rotation this year, and said that the spot is Looper's to lose. The time-honored La Russa tradition of the fake spring training competition isn't being honored this season. Whether or not Looper gets the spot in the rotation, the results will be far less frustrating this season. Did Tony calm down after winning his second championship? I don't know, but I just want to say one thing:

Thank you, Tony.

P.S. --- here's the Gameday link.

Update [2007-3-7 13:25:29 by Valatan]:: For fun, read The Soul of Baseball's 10 Favorite bad trades ever. It's written in a fun and conversational way.