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screen gem

i gotta share something e-mailed to me by a community member named Ring11. it's a screen shot of his computer at the moment MLB Gameday recorded the final pitch of the world series --- strike three against brandon inge --- with the veb game thread in the background. i got a big kick out of it, thought you all might as well:

a few other quick items:

  • matt leach posted an eve-of-season Q+A with tony la russa; The Genius doesn't appear very confident about edmonds' health. Q: "What is your expectation for Jim Edmonds' level of health and effectiveness in the early going?" A: "We'll just play it out, and whatever it is, it is. Nobody knows. We'll just try to exercise good judgment, and whatever it is, we'll deal with it." on a maybe-not-entirely-unrelated note: rick ankiel will be playing centerfield down at triple a. . . . .
  • for more on the memphis outfield, see Bird Land . . . .
  • Baseball Prospectus' first postseason odds report is out; it has the cardinals with a 1 in 4 chance of making the playoffs. the report is based on PECOTA, which doesn't like the cardinals this year. though BP's odds may seem stingy, they're more generous than the chances accorded the cardinals by RLYW's Diamond Mind Blowout, PECOTA edition: in that exercise st louis only made the playoffs 15 percent of the time.
  • the cardinals are the consensus choice at the Hardball Times to win the nl central. 8 of the 15 predictors over there think the cardinals will win; 5 picked the cubs, 2 the brewers.
  • david pinto thinks it doesn't look like stl's year: "This won't be an easy season for St. Louis fans. The team should compete, but the odds of winning the division are not in their favor."